Temporary Crown Instructions


When you leave the office you will have a temporary crown on your tooth. The purpose of the temporary is the protection of the prepared tooth. A well fitting temporary helps reduce sensitivity and maintains the tooth’s position in the arch. If your temporary should come off or break it is important that you carefully try to re-seat it on your tooth, or we can replace it for you at our office.

You can minimize problems by not chewing sticky foods on your temporary, such as chewing gum or eating sticky or gooey candy. Brush gently around your temporary and when flossing pull floss through. DO NOT pop the floss back up between your teeth, as this may loosen your temporary.

If your temporary were, however, to come off you may place it back on with Fixodent or the drug store carries temporary cement, such as
Temparin. Dry the tooth and just place a small amount of Fixodent or Temparin inside the temporary and place back down over preparation.


If you have any other problems please call our office.